Remnant Review

The first review for Remnant is in from Fluid Radio.
And it’s a good one!

Remnant LP


Heat Death and Future Sequence have teamed up to run a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGO for a vinyl pressing of my new album “Remnant”

I’m also doing a few re-versions / alternates of tracks from the album and we have about 4 other remixes from some fantastic artists to go on a very limited CDR, thats one of the options you can grab.
a few soundcloud previews from the album below


theres been lots of things happening and lots of new music i haven’t posted up here so here’s some catch up.

My remix of Moon Zero’s Endless Palms from his wonderful Tombs EP on futuresequence.
Buy the remixes here:

My remix of What Follows – Part III from Tiny Leaves’ What we Dream of.. EP on Future Sequence. Buy the EP here or here
Not sure why i’ve only gotten around to putting this up, as the EP was released last year.
This remix is more of a cover version really. I used the chord stucture from Joels original but not any of the stems / recordings.
The remix consists of 4 channels of recordings of an old baby grand piano, pushed thorugh 6 channels of effects.

My submission for sequence6 – downolad here

and just one i made at the same time at the river


The Fourth Futuresequence compliation, SEQUENCE4, has been released. Another amazing, totally free 42 tracks!!
Download it here

i,m lucky enough to have a violin piece on it – northking(part1)

other room listening reviews

there have been a few, very nice reviews of other room listening since it’s come out, from:

Evening of light
Fluid Radio
Resonant Strata

other room listening

My first album, other room listening is released today by Future Sequence on limited numbered CDr and digital download. I can’t express just how very happy i am to have it out and a huge thanks to michael for all his work on the design / cd / artwork, and of course, for releasing it.

release notes:
Cat No: FS005
Title: other room listening
Artist: Zvuku
Format: Digital/Limited CDr
Mastered by: Rafael Anton Irisarri
Release Date: Monday 30th April 2012

Irish composer Karl McGrath employs a unique approach to create beautifully constructed, and keenly observed emotional electro-acoustic pieces. Under his alias Zvuku, Karl has had a handful of releases to date, other room listening is his first full length album. Living just over the Dublin / Co Wicklow border, his home looks out over mountains in the West, these and the surrounding landscape have inspired and informed the dynamics of these pieces.

This sense of place is evident throughout the album, and progressed through his approach, which began with recordings of live instrumentation – guitar, violin and piano – and minimal editing or interference with the resulting sound. By leaving hiss, room noise in the recordings, and ‘mistakes’ in his playing, each track retains a human element which delivers a presence of emotion for the listener to experience.

Recorded either in one take, or a handful of sessions, processed and edited in the most part through outboard effects. Karl’s intention to create an ebb and flow of movement via these contrasting walls of sound and quiet interludes is brilliantly realised, weaving the listener into a captivating journey; at once intimate and expansive. Released in a limited edition of 50 hand numbered CDrs in recycled card sleeves, with cover art insert and lino cut printed sleeve.

1. Logpile
2. Cold Yellow Red Blue
3. The Long Walk
4. Matches/Sticks
5. Cold Yellow Reprise
6. Lastone

Released by: Futuresequence
Release/catalogue number: FS005
Release date: Apr 30, 2012


Future Sequence is 1, and to celebrate michael has put together a pretty amazing FREE compilation of 42 artists (me being one of them!). Lots of info on the artists and lovely artworks –
Over 3 hours of free music – download it here

my track for the comp is also up on soundcloud to stream:

Savaran Music and Sound – Midway Slump Review

Savaran Music and Sound has a nice review of “Midway Slump” up on their blog (and the other Heat Death’s for March / April)

Future Sequence – Midway Slump Review

Midway Slump – Released March 15th 2011 on Heat Death Records

Zvuku Interview – Future Sequence

Wonderful blog Future Sequence did an interview with me a couple of weeks ago.

Mix for Future Sequence

i did a mix for Future Sequence a few weeks ago.
1: Zvuku – Hume Variation 4 demo (unreleased)
2: Bedouin Ascent – if mountains could sing (Leaf) – on invisible soundtracks volume 2
3: Eleh – Tone phase 1 for 2 guitars and 4 oscillators (Important Records)
4: Eyvind Kang – Virginal Co-ordinates (Ipecac)
5: Xela / Greg Haines / Danny Saul – 12th Chapel (Rite / Type)
6: Brian McBride – Several Tries (Kranky) on the Effective Disconnect LP
7: Ramses III – Jose Maria (Under the Spire)
8: Tangerine Dream – Fauni-gena (Ohr) on Atem LP
9: Sonic Youth / James Tenney – Never having written a note for percussion (SYR) on Goodbye 20th Century LP
10: Clouwbeck – The waters burden (Sustain-release) on From Which the River Rise CD
11: Deaf Center – The day i would never have (Type) – on Owl Splinters LP
12: Esmerine – Histories Repeating As One Thousand Hearts Mend (Madrona Records) on Aurora CD
13: Bing and Ruth – Broad Channel (Bing and ruth bandcamp) on City Lake LP
14: On – Erotique (Type) on Your naked ghost comes back at night LP
15: Zvuku – Half Empty (Unreleased) Orignal version “Half Full” on Rural Colours 13 , part of subscrition pack 4
16: Yellow Swans – Going Places (Type)
17: Godflesh – pure2 (Earache) on Pure CD
18: Esmerine – Something (Resonant Records) on If only a sweet surrender to the night to come be true LP
19: Kopernik – Ondoyant et divers (Eastern Developments) on Kopernik LP
20: Popul Vuh – Ich mache einen Spiegal Dream part 49 (SPV Recordings) on Affenstunde CD
21: Heldon – Fluence (Urus Records) on Allez-Teia LP
22: Silver Mt Zion – Sisters! Brothers! Small Boats Of Fire Are Falling From The Sky! (Constellation) on Born into trouble as the sparks fly upward LP
23: Leyland Kirby -When We Parted, My Heart Wanted To Die [Friedrichshain Memory] (History always favours the winners) on Sadly the Future is not what it was(Part One: When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die) LP
24: Harmonia and Eno “76” – Sometimes in Autumn (Gronland) on tracks and traces LP
25: Vincent Gallo – a cold and grey summer day (Warp) on Recordings of Music for films LP

Zvuku interview – Second Square to none

Irish blog / label Second Square to None did a interview with me a while back (and it features a demo that was to become mid from midway slump)

Half Full released October 2010 on Rural Colours


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